Our consortium comprises of Queen’s University Belfast with four industrial partners, BP, Bombardier, Green Lizard Technologies Ltd., (GLT) and Flow Energy Solutions (FES). All partners have complementary expertise in chemistry & electrical engineering research, modelling and implementation through to commercialisation.

This mix of industrial and academic expertise allows for prestigious dissemination of research outcomes, lucrative commercial exploitation and licensable patents.

The 2-year funding provided by the IERC and partners provides a platform for long-term collaboration and knowledge exchange between academia and industry.

This project will develop new commercial opportunities for all IERC industrial members namely in energy trading for GLT and FES, providing access to new ancillary services for I-SEM, single energy market pricing and a competitive advantage for faster response services. For Bombardier, this project provides a stable and sustainable supply for precision manufacturing processes and autoclave units for manufacturing. For BP, they will gain access to leading edge research and development solutions for implementation and roll out of large scale redox flow battery storage solutions.